Audio/Video Systems

Audio/Video Systems

Excel Electric Inc. is proud to announce, we are certified and carry Lutron Homeworks QS, Lutron RA2, Lutron Caseta and URC Total Control. What does this mean for our customers? You now have one stop for electrical, audio and video needs.

Just imagine watching a movie, not only seeing what is on the screen, but feeling the sound the way movie producers wanted you to experience the movie. Home theatres are the way to experience movies without leaving the comfort of your own home. With the URC remote, turn down the lights, lower the shades (see our information on Lutron Shades), set the perfect room temperature, start the movie and control the sound. All controlled with one URC remote.

Ultimately, half way through the movie, the doorbell rings. Using the URC remote, change to the front door camera and see who is at the door. What a great security feature! Now the phone rings. You can choose to have the caller ID displayed right on the screen and you can make the informed decision to answer the call or continue with your movie.

Having a party? Want whole house music or music outdoors? Total Control and URC can make your party a hit! Plug in your IPOD , stream Pandora, use your CD player or receiver. Hours of music anywhere! Controlled by a URC LED wall control- volume control, song selection, artist selection is a touch away.

One of the most important pieces to making home audio/video enjoyable is the wiring and location of equipment! Having the equipment in one concealed location, with the wiring concealed in the walls, is a must for a smooth seamless whole house system.

An automated home allows homeowners more flexibility to control their environment. For example, the weather changed while at work. Instead of driving up to a dark and cold house, you can use your phone and connect with your app. Light your driveway. Turn up the heat and turn on some inside lights to welcome you home. Or on a trip away from home, you may use your mobile app to connect to the house. If you can’t remember if the furnace is turned down, just log in check. If you need to make any changes you can use your mobile app. For added security you can use the Lutron system to turn lights on in one of your usage patterns so it looks like you are home.

Along with all of the comfort features, who wouldn’t want to boost energy savings? With the Lutron Energy Solutions combined with URC you can save some extra cash! Occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, dimming control, and HVAC integration are a few ways to save. Set up is easy and efficient with Lutron and URC solutions.

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